Bad online reviews

I have been asked this question a few times:
"What do I do if my company has a bad review online?"
Ouch! It is one thing to have someone say they don't like something you said or did but to go online and see your company being defamed is another.
The beauty of social media and communication is that businesses can take back ownership of comments online.  They can uphold their great reputation through simple online communication. I have seen some pretty ugly comments about restaurants or hotels online. What will usually change my mind about eating at the restaurant or staying at the hotel is the communication that the owners have with that reviewer. When bad reviews go un-responded to, it makes it clear to me that the business does not care. I therefore don't feel like giving them my business either.  Harsh, right? But it's true. Ask people around you how they feel about bad reviews online. I bet they will say the same thing or something similar.
How can Polished Business Solutions help you? We can help you take control of you social media accounts. We will help you respond to comments online (positive or negative) and help uphold your business's reputation.

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